September 2019: I will talk about “Plant Biology and Architectural Intervention” in the Cave at Georgia Tech’s Hinman Research Building, hosted by the ConCave SoA PhD Student Group, on September 18.

August 2019: I joined the Georgia Tech School of Architecture as the 2019-2021 Ventulett NEXT Generation Teaching Fellow.

April 2019: My essay, “‘Beyond the Surface of These Unliving Husks’” appeared in Pidgin 25, published by the Princeton School of Architecture.

January 2019: I started as a visiting studio critic at Rice University School of Architecture, where I taught ARCH202. I presented “Cut/ Fill/ Float: New Infrastructures and Typologies for Flood Resilience and Rising Sea Levels in Southern Louisiana” at the Smart Resilience Meetup, co-sponsored by the Rice School of Architecture and Rice School of Engineering, on January 31.

December 2018: "The Piñata: A Treatise" will appear in Lunch 13: Mischief. Co-authored with Laura Salazar and Weiwei Zhang.

October 2018Not Interesting: On the Limits of Criticism in Architecture, Andrew Atwood's book which I edited, is out!

September 2018: My article, "'Stonehenge in the Mind' and 'Stonehenge on the Ground': Reader, Viewer, and Object in Inigo Jones's Stone-Heng Restored (1655)", about Inigo Jones's argument that Stonehenge was a Roman ruin with once perfect geometry, was published in the Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians, Volume 77, No. 3.

August 2018: The brochure for CloudStore can be found in PLAT 7.0: Sharing.

April 2018: I spoke about "the representation of boundaries, structure, and organization in 19th-century cellular biology and architecture" at the 51st annual conference of the Victorian Studies Association of Ontario, at the Textile Museum of Canada, Toronto, April 28.

March 2018: I gave the talk "John Ruskin and Eugène-Emmanuel Viollet-le-Duc on cyclical time and what to do with old buildings" at the Nineteenth-Century Time Symposium, at the Jackman Humanities Institute, University of Toronto, on March 10.

January 2018: I presented my research for the KPF Paul Katz Fellowship on January 11 at the Urban Design Forum in New York, in conversation with the three other Paul Katz Fellows from 2016 and 2017, KPF president Jamie von Klemperer, New London Architecture’s Peter Murray, and SO-IL’s Florian Idenburg.

December 2017: I presented "The Afterlife of Dying Buildings: Ruskin and Preservation in the Twenty-First Century" at the conference New Approaches to Ruskin on Art and Architecture, hosted by UCL/ the Courtauld Institute and the Ruskin Society, on Dec. 1.

November 2017: My article "Spectacular solitude, city, and self in Père-Lachaise Cemetery" is online at Studies in the History of Gardens and Designed Landscapes.