2014-2017. Princeton University School of Architecture. M.Arch. History and Theory Prize, Pidgin Editor, KPF Paul Katz Fellowship.

2005-2011. Cambridge University. PhD, Oncology. Marshall Scholar, NSF Graduate Research Fellow. Thesis: Regulation of ubiquitin-mediated proteolysis in Xenopus laevis and mammalian cells.

2000-2005. Brown University. AB/ScB : Mathematics, Comparative Literature (Honors), Biology (Honors). Magna Cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa.



08.2019 - present. Georgia Tech School of Architecture, Atlanta. Visiting Assistant Professor (NEXT Fellow).

01.2019-04.2019. Rice University School of Architecture, Houston. Visiting Studio Critic, ARCH 202.

08.2017-12.2017. KPF Paul Katz Fellowship. London. Research into historic preservation and urban planning in London.

02.2017-05.2017. Prof. Paul Lewis and Annie Barrett. Princeton University. Assistant Instructor for ARC 204: Introduction to Architectural Design.

- Taught one section of intro undergrad studio, 9 students
- Gave two desk crits per week to each student, met frequently out of class time to advise on projects
- Ran tutorials for all sections on model making, Rhino, Illustrator, Photoshop, and photography

03.2016-05.2017. Prof. Monica Ponce de Leon. Princeton University School of Architecture. Research Assistant to Dean.

- Researched curricula
- Designed fall and spring Open House presentations
- Prepared presentations for faculty meetings

09.2016-01.2017. Prof. Michael Littman. Princeton University. Assistant Instructor for CEE 102B: Engineering in the Modern World.

- Taught weekly structural, mechanical, and chemical engineering labs for two sections of students
- Wrote midterm and final exam questions, graded weekly homeworks and final exams

02.2016-05.2016. Prof. Esther da Costa Meyer. Princeton University. Assistant Instructor for ART 250: Architecture, Globalization, and Environment.

- Led a weekly discussion session for 13 students
- Wrote and graded midterm and final exams
- Met individually with students to advise them on final research papers

02.2016-05.2016. Prof. Maria Garlock. Princeton University. Assistant Instructor for CEE 262B: Structures and the Urban Environment.

- Taught weekly structural engineering labs for one section of students
- Wrote midterm and final exam questions, graded weekly homeworks and final exams

08.2015-01.2016. Prof. Alejandro Zaera-Polo. Princeton University. Assistant Instructor for ARC 403: Undergraduate Thesis Prep. 

- Co-wrote course syllabus with weekly readings and weekly writing assignments
- Held weekly office hours to advise 12 final-year undergraduates on their thesis reseach
- Graded and gave extensive feedback on midterm and final submissions (first chapters of thesis)



02.2018-12.2018. LTL Architects, New York. Architectural Designer.

- Schematic design and design development, Ithaca Lake House
- Design development and construction documents, Avenue of the Americas Lobby Renovation
- Pre-schematic design, Brownsville Library expansion and renovation
- Publication design, Four Corridors: Design Initiative for RPA’s Fourth Regional Plan

11.2017-01.2018, 08.2015-09.2015, 08.2013-07.2014. First Office, Los Angeles. Designer and Researcher.

- Editing and advising on Andrew Atwood’s book Not Interesting and other writings
- Exhibition design development and construction management for the installation “Paranormal Panorama” at the MAK Center Mackey Garage, November 2013
- Design development, models, and drawings for “Possible Table,” part of Possible Mediums, 2014

05.2016-08.2016. Belzberg Architects, Los Angeles. Design Intern.

- Concept and schematic design, Ezequiel Farca home
- Early concept designs for a coworking facility

06.2015-07.2015. Young & Ayata, New York. Design Intern.

- Full set of technical drawings for Bauhaus Dessau competition (1st place)
- Responsible for space planning and ensuring design met all Bauhaus brief requirements
- Designed structure and partial surface of “Cône de Cadavre Exquis” for Harmen Brethouwer



2017. Kohn Pedersen Fox Paul Katz Fellowship.

2008-2011. National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship.

2005. Marshall Scholarship.

2004. Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship.



2017. The School of Architecture History and Theory Prize, Princeton SOA.

2017. Henry Adams A.I.A. Certificate, Princeton SOA.

2017. Spring 2016 and Fall 2016 studio work selected for PSOA Workbook and Open House.

2016. Fall 2014, Spring 2015, and Fall 2015 studio work selected for PSOA Workbook and Open House.

2005-2008. St John’s College Benefactors’ Scholarship.

2004. Brown University Faculty Scholarship (for top five students in college and grad school).




'The Piñata: A Treatise', with Laura Salazar and Weiwei Zhang, Lunch 13: Mischief, 2019.

'"Below the Surface of These Unliving Husks",' Pidgin 25, 2019.

Managing Editor, Four Corridors: Design Initiative for RPA's Fourth Regional Plan (Berlin: Hatje Cantz), 2019.


‘Stonehenge in the Mind and Stonehenge on the Ground: Reader, Viewer, and Object in Inigo Jones’s Stone-Heng Restored (1655)’, Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians 77, No. 3, September 2018.

‘Spectacular solitude, city, and self in Père-Lachaise Cemetery’, Studies in the History of Gardens & Designed Landscape 38, No. 2, 2018.

‘Cloudstore’, Plat 7.0: Sharing, Rice University School of Architecture, 2018.

Editor, Not Interesting: On the Limits of Criticism in Architecture, by Andrew Atwood, Applied Research and Design Publishing, October 2018.


Editor, The Mays 15: An Anthology of New Writing from Oxford and Cambridge, Varsity Publications, 2007.



‘Plant Biology and Architectural Intervention.’ ConCave Talks, Georgia Tech School of Architecture, 18 Sep 2019.

'"Below the Surface of These Unliving Husks" : On the representation of boundaries, structure, and organization in 19th-century cellular biology and architecture.' 51st Annual Conference: Visualizing the Victorians: Objects, Arts, and Artifacts. Victorian Studies Association of Ontario, Toronto, 28 Apr 2018.

'The Roots of Preservation: John Ruskin and Eugène-Emmanuel Viollet-le-Duc on cyclical time and what to do with old buildings.' Nineteenth-Century Time: A Symposium. Jackman Humanities Institute, University of Toronto, 9-10 Mar 2018.

‘Telling Stories: Retention and Intervention in London’s Historic Buildings.’ Urban Design Forum. Hosted by Kohn Pedersen Fox. New York. 11 Jan 2018.

‘The Afterlife of Dying Buildings: John Ruskin and preservation in the 21st century.’ New Approaches to Ruskin on Art and Architecture. Hosted by the Ruskin Society and UCL/ The Courtauld Institute of Art. London. 1 Dec 2017.



2014-2016. Pidgin Magazine. Princeton University School of Architecture. Editor.

2007-2009. The Cambridge Student (TCS). Founding Editor, Thursday Magazine (2007-2009). TCS Editor-in-Chief (May Week 2009).

- Founded and edited a weekly magazine for five terms (a total of 26 issues)
- Created design templates, trained design staff, oversaw and finalized weekly design, led a team of 8-12 section editors, recruited writers and artists, and commissioned feature articles and artwork
- Was named one of the 100 most influential students at Cambridge in 2009 for this work

2005-2006. BlueSci. Cambridge Science Magazine. Production Manager.

2000-2005. The Catalyst: Bridging the Gap Between the Sciences and the Humanities. Layout editor (3 yrs). Editor-in-Chief (2 yrs).



10.2018. Veterans and Visionaries: Reimagining Grosvenor Square for the 21st Century. Competition. In collaboration with Andrew Percival.

01.2018. Remnants Rebuilt: Clark's Folly Revisited. Proposal for Folly/ Function 2018. In collaboration with Andrew Percival.

02.2017. Cuban Thin-Shell Structures. Friend Center, Princeton University. Exhibition and Graphic Design.

10.2016. Pencil Wall. Open House New York Weekend Installation. Installation Design and Fabrication. With Julian Harake, Kayla Manning, and Andrew Percival.



3D Modeling AutoCAD Architecture, Rhino 3D, Grasshopper, Revit

Drawing Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Hand drafting and rendering

Languages French (proficient), Spanish (proficient), Italian (reading), Swedish (reading)

Other Digital photography, Model making, Sewing, Ceramics, Adobe After Effects